06 April 2012

Recent endeavors

Alright! We're on a roll!

So, the first three are part of a pitch packet that may or may not happen, depending on which way the winds are blowing...but I rather like how they turned out. They are, more or less, modern interpretations of ancient gods that have been forced between a rock and a hard place. An intriguing premise, if you ask me.

Here we have the Hindu figures of Matsya and Rama, followed by a robotic crab monster:

And here are Baldr and Hodr of the Norse pantheon:

And here we have Athena and Bacchus:

And now, for something not entirely different but definitely not part of the same project, are Athene, Proserpine, and Bride, as mentioned in TH White's The Once and Future King:

Last, but most certainly not least, are some thumbs from a new project I will be endeavoring soon:

I can't say much as of right now, but you will definitely know more soon!

The characters heretofore presented are most certainly not mine. If you want to know more about the story of the forlorn gods, you should go talk to Nolan T Jones!

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