23 November 2009

More sketchbookishness! On the left are some characters from a rather-campy-but-still-a-fun-read entitled "The Fall of Atlantis" by Marion Zimmer Bradley and on the right is one of my greatest inventions ever--it's going to be the next legendary bird in Pokemon, I just know it.

Domaris, Deoris, Micon, Reio-ta, Rajasta, Demira, Riveda, Karahama, and Maleina (c) Marion Zimmer Bradley (namely someone else that is not me)

But Turkapus is totally mine--so don't steal. I'm looking at you Nintendo.

18 November 2009

More characters... from another completely different story. One of these days... I'm actually going to write all these stories... Anyway, on the right you'll see the way I come up with poses generally involves lots of little silhouettes and then picking which one looks coolest. Also on that side you can see my to-do list, which is a little too long for my taste.

12 November 2009

Sorry for the swing and a miss last week, but the interwebs haven't been working so well at the homestead. Anyway, here's more Sketchy McSketches! On the left you'll see some characters from yet another story that's been bouncing round my head and on the right, for no reason in particular, a rather cartoony geisha that I had a lot of fun with, as I usually do :)