06 October 2008


By the by, you should all totally go here: http://www.massify.com/pitches/7deadlydiamonds and comment on the storyboards that I drew. Comments will bring more attention to my friend's entry, thereby increasing her chances of being selected as a finalist, and therefore increasing her chances of winning and actually getting the chance to make her video! So run along now and help us out!

If nothing else, at least it'll send some good karma your way ;)

Also worth noting: you'll have to sign up for an account in order to comment, but it takes all of five seconds and you never have to use it again, I pinky-promise.

Even warmer

Here's more SPICE stuff. Fixed the guy a little bit in this first one:

And here's the gussied up second draft of the original sketch from a couple of posts ago:

PS. Sorry I've been noticeably slacking on my updates--I've been working on TONS of thumbnails for my own graphic novel as well as some storyboards for a friend's music video. But I have lots of stuff scanned into the compy now, so I'll be updating more regularly from now on.