02 December 2009

Some floorplans and concepts for my revision of StrangeHearted. Also, some dude from a coffeeshop... fun times. And look, my flight info!

23 November 2009

More sketchbookishness! On the left are some characters from a rather-campy-but-still-a-fun-read entitled "The Fall of Atlantis" by Marion Zimmer Bradley and on the right is one of my greatest inventions ever--it's going to be the next legendary bird in Pokemon, I just know it.

Domaris, Deoris, Micon, Reio-ta, Rajasta, Demira, Riveda, Karahama, and Maleina (c) Marion Zimmer Bradley (namely someone else that is not me)

But Turkapus is totally mine--so don't steal. I'm looking at you Nintendo.

18 November 2009

More characters... from another completely different story. One of these days... I'm actually going to write all these stories... Anyway, on the right you'll see the way I come up with poses generally involves lots of little silhouettes and then picking which one looks coolest. Also on that side you can see my to-do list, which is a little too long for my taste.

12 November 2009

Sorry for the swing and a miss last week, but the interwebs haven't been working so well at the homestead. Anyway, here's more Sketchy McSketches! On the left you'll see some characters from yet another story that's been bouncing round my head and on the right, for no reason in particular, a rather cartoony geisha that I had a lot of fun with, as I usually do :)

26 October 2009

I am determined to be better. I think Comics' Art Forum gave me a new perspective on just how much work I need to do--despite school, despite my crap job, and despite life in general. Here's to creative discipline! May it keep me forever focused!

Anywho, here are some characters from a story that's been puttering around in my head:

16 July 2009

Told you so

Look at that, another update! This is something like a cover design for StrangeHearted. Enjoy :D

13 July 2009

O hai interwebs

Yeah... it's been a while. But look! Pretty sketchbookishness! These two came from an odd desire to draw bird masks... If you can guess what birds they represent, you get bonus points in a game where points don't matter :)

18 March 2009

Just a tidbit today. Considering how slow I am at scanning things... I like to spread out the updates I do have as much as possible :)

14 March 2009

Fish from sketchbooks past...

Okay so that title isn't necessarily true... but these are drawings from this past winter break, during which I visited a friend in Denver and forced her to go to the aquarium with me. It was pretty fun just loitering and drawing fish all day :) Looking back, I probably should have taken the time to note what species each fish was... but now it can be a fun game for me and for you! If you care to figure it out and send me your findings I'll send you a free sketch :)

More to follow!

10 February 2009

So it's been an eternity or two...

Yeah... I know... just... save it.

Anyway... I am officially a grad student now (yay) and I come to the interwebs bearing the gift of sketches (double yay)! I spent six weeks at home with the fam and I've got a ton of sketchbookish stuff to share, but I'm going to stretch it out for a bit yet.... You'll have to content yourselves with two for tonight--two to get us back in the groove (triple yay) so-to-speak.

These are some concepts for yet another story I've been thinking about when I probably should have been thinking other things. Surprise, surprise it's about two people meeting and falling in love (gwaaawww). Also there's seems to be a monster involved in the later pages... buuut I think that's from a different story. It's hard to keep track...