26 June 2011

Women of Middle-earth

Oh look a series that has to do with The Silmarillion. WHAT A SURPRISE. I know. I was shocked too.


Because I love the story of Beren and Luthien more than anything else in the universe:

And here's a series of sketches which I am currently turning into digital paintings:

There's more sketches in the series... but they're still super rough. Can you guess who they are based on the evidence I've already given?

The Silmarillion  and its characters belong to the Tolkien Estate and most unfortunately not me

19 June 2011

(Kinda sorta) new sketchbook!

Look at that--an update (of sorts)! These are some sketches for school projects.

First up, a remake of the already awesome Courage the Cowardly Dog:

Next we have a series of playing cards based on characters from Tolkien's Silmarillion (of course):

The finished products can be seen in my Deviantart Gallery here, here, here, here, and here!

And, just as a reminder, these characters don't belong to me but Cartoon Network and the Tolkien estate respectively

12 June 2011

Do you ever stop and wonder how terrifying it would have been if there had been pokemon in Middle-earth?

I do.

Also, here's some digital sketches:

Even though I have no desire to color or paint professionally...I still feel the need to get better at coloring and painting digitally.... There's probably more on the way :)

Charizard and Nazgul both belong to people that aren't me, but the characters in the digital sketches do so please be cool and DON'T STEAL. You rock.