23 August 2008

The Road goes ever on and on

Finally we come to my one true love: Tolkien and all his works, namely the Hobbit. As you might already know, this classic story is being made into a film to serve as something of a prequel to the Lord of the Rings trilogy that's already been made. It would be a dream come true to work on these films and I'm currently in contact with some folks that are doing just that. So, in attempts to tailor my portfolio, I've been working on some hobbit-centric pieces and these are some of the sketches that I drew to initially nail down what I wanted the characters to look like in my style.

The door of Bag End is a particularly important setting. Here it is before Bilbo's infamous adventure:

And here's the infamous hobbit himself:

Everyone's favorite wizard:

Also, you might have heard that they're making a second film to bridge the sixty-year gap between LOTR and The Hobbit. I suspect that they're going to involve young Aragorn and Arwen into that mess, so I figured I should sketch them as well. Plus it gave me an excuse to draw pretty medieval dresses:

All characters (c) Tolkien

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