04 October 2011

Artemis Iphigenea

Sketch for a personal work--planning on finishing in color soon-ish. These lovely ladies are the goddess Artemis (left) and Iphigenia (right) who will become the goddess Hecate (far right). The story goes that during the Trojan War, Agamemnon killed a deer within Artemis's sacred grove and boasted that he was the better hunter. Well once Agamemnon's ships were out to sea, the goddess stilled the winds, leaving he and all his ships stranded. By consulting an oracle, Agamemnon discovered the only way to appease the goddess would be to sacrifice his own daughter, Iphigenia. When the time came for the actual sacrifice, Iphigenia was spirited away by the goddess herself and a deer was left in her place. Artemis then transformed the mortal Iphigenia into the immortal Hecate, her partner in magic, and the triple goddess of crossroads.

In other news, drawing people actually using a bow and arrow is hard.

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