22 August 2011

Character parade!

Proud to say that I'm still not dead--here's some proof!

This first sketch is Raven and she belongs to my good friend Andre Frattino, author and artist of the 'Flagler's Few' series!

Contrary to popular belief, no she's not water-bending...she's just a witch with all sorts of crazy powers! This next sketch includes a bunch of characters from one of my own in-progress stories--their appearances have actually changed a lot from when I first conceived them here...

Next is another character of my own, a gypsy named Isra! I'm working more on her story, so you'll probably see her floating around here more often in the future.

And here's some shameless fanart! Man I love water-bending. I love the ATLAverse in general...and I'm not sorry.

Also here's my friend Allie as an earth-bender!

And it wouldn't be my sketchblog if there weren't pokemon involved. So here's me as a flying-type gym leader. I would rock your socks off. Just saying.

HEY did you know that Avatar: The Last Airbender and pokemon aren't mine? Not in the least.

1 comment:

Eryk Donovan said...

Lots of fun! I love the character face pages.