16 May 2010

Back from the dead!

Whoa... it has been way to long, but you know what internet? I'm not sorry, and let me tell you why. I wasn't avoiding you on purpose--I promise--I was inking a graphic novel--that's right a real life book that's going to be published and put on sale in a store near you! The book is titled 'All Saints Day' and it was drawn by SCAD's own Dove McHargue. It's the sequel to the crime noir hit 'Past Lies' so go pick up a copy now to get ready for the ASD release on November 2. Now I know what you're thinking, dear internet, but rest assured, I'll remind you when the book comes out so that you can go get your very own copy on the day it hits shelves.

Finally, here's your consolation prize! Don't ask me where it comes from, but for some reason I just felt like drawing a ridiculously cute tiger and elephant diptych. Just run with it.


IniquitousFish said...

I can't wait to see the book!

Matt Kohr said...

dear kate: too cute.