16 November 2008

Pencils McPencilton

Finally we're back to my baby, my graphic novel, StrangeHearted. I'm starting to pencil the rest of the original 48-page storyline. The thing you have to remember here is that I pencil small (my finished pencils are only 6x9) and then scan them and blow them up to 10x15. Once they're printed, there is actually a lot of redrawing that happens before I start inking.

Anyway, here are the next five pages of finished pencils that I've done thus far:

Remember, the first ten finished pages can be viewed at my DeviantArt gallery: romanykate.deviantart.com


Tom Lyle said...

How about some new posts???
Are you doing any art?
Come se me when the quarter starts.
Hope all is well.

Tom Lyle

monsanto said...

I like your artstyle. Stay cool!